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Keep Safe Scotland

Keep Safe is an award-winning initiative that is delivered in partnership with Police Scotland and community charity, I Am Me Scotland.

Initially developed to support disabled people within the community, Keep Safe is available for anyone who may need a safe place to go if they feel lost, scared, vulnerable, or simply need time to breathe.  There are over 900 Keep Safe places across Scotland.  Keep Safe cards are available for people free of charge. These detail information about health, communication and emergency contacts.  Most people who use Keep Safe never need to ask for help, but use Keep Safe places to go about their daily business, such as shopping, socialising and participating in community life. A free ‘Keep Safe Scotland’ app that displays Keep Safe places, allows route planning, police contacts and third-party reporting and is available to download free on iOS and Android.

If you would like to request a card, or to become a Keep Safe place, please contact us at [email protected]

We are seeking a sponsor… an organisation that values equality, promotes diversity and has a strong sense of community responsibility!

Would you like your name to showcase what we do?  Can we promote your organisation through our work?  If you are interested in sponsoring Keep Safe, please get in touch with the I Am Me Team.