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How much is it to visit?

It is FREE to come inside, to have a look around and watch the action around you – simply pay for the activities you want to do ie: snow, climb, bowl, dine, movies, shop. Plus every school holidays there’s FREE family entertainment, activities and competitions.

How do I get there?

Whether you’re travelling by plane, train or automobile, you can find all the info on our location page.

The snow slope?

Is it real snow and how is it made?

The main ski slope at Snow Factor is located inside a giant refrigerator, and chilled water is vaporised and frozen mid-air every other night to create a fresh dusting of real snow that is then groomed to perfection by our crew.

Can anyone go on the real snow slopes?

Anyone can go on the slope if they meet the minimum recreational standard – able to control speed, link turns and use a poma lift. But if not, don’t worry, why not join us for a lesson on our smaller slope?

Loads of other fantastic activities available too!

Need a telephone number?

Centre Management
T: 0141 739 3324

Group visits?

Whether a birthday party, school or youth group, works night out, stag or hen party, we have everything under one roof for a fantastic day or night out!

Snow Factor has a dedicated sales & events that will assist you with any sort of group enquiry no matter what you are planning to do during your visit!

For more information please email: [email protected]

Promotional space?

We have promotional space available to rent at XSite Braehead. Please contact Bruce Harley
t: 0141 739 3324

e: [email protected]