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We have over 30 wider parking bays for blue badge holders.

On arriving at the entrance, if you require assistance, please press the intercom situated by the front doors and ask the Security Control Room.

There are escalators and a lift situated in the lower mall central atrium.

Various disabled toilets are situated around the building and within the demise of some of the businesses.

Keep Safe

Keep Safe works in partnership with Police Scotland and a network of local businesses to create ‘Keep Safe’ places for disabled, vulnerable, and elderly people when out and about in the community. People can access these premises to seek assistance and help if they feel lost, confused, scared, in danger, or have been the victim of a crime. Staff within XSite who have been trained on the initiative wear a Keep Safe badge. Please approach a member of staff who is wearing a badge for assistance. The Keep Safe initiative is a national initiative and is being rolled out across Scotland in partnership with other Local Authorities. For more information please visit www.iammescotland.co.uk.