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Open 7 days.

Monday – Friday: 12-9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am-10pm

Any film, any time from £5 when you book online as a myODEON member.

Great films, every day.



You can get tickets at ODEON Braehead from £5 all day, every day when you sign in to myODEON and book online or via the app. It’s fast and free to join myODEON. And as a member, you’ll unlock their best prices plus a range of exclusive benefits

The IMAX Experience:

“Filmmaking’s not about the tiny details – it’s about the big picture.” – Ed Wood, 1994

And have we got a big picture for you!

See more, hear more, feel more and immerse yourself in the action with ODEON IMAX. The IMAX Experience is powered by a combination of the world’s sharpest images, crystal-clear digital surround sound and custom-designed auditoriums. And 3D screenings offer the ultimate cinema experience – one you’ll want to reach out and touch.

Stunning images – Whether you’re experiencing a film in 2D or IMAX 3D, the visual clarity is unsurpassed.

Crystal clear sound – A powerful state-of-the-art digital surround sound system features laser-aligned loudspeakers precisely tuned for each film presentation. You’ll experience fantastic sound quality regardless of where you are seated.

Immersive auditorium design – IMAX theatre geometry is designed to maximise your field of view. You’ll feel like you’re in the film!

The ultimate big screen experience:

With floor to ceiling screens, the IMAX experience will take you to places you have only ever imagined.

There’s something for everyone at ODEON at XSite, Braehead – The Ultimate Cinema Experience.

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