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Scale new heights.

Do you dare to take on the slide?

The UK’s tallest indoor slide is at Climbzone, at XSite Braehead.

The modern-day version of a helter skelter is 16 metres high and is ideal for thrill-seekers looking for some excitement and fun.

And for those not quite ready for The Big Slide, as it’s being called, there’s also a smaller six metres high version to try out.

It only costs £1 to go sliding down the very top of XSite to the ground in the flume-like corkscrew tube. Children under 1.1. metres in height need to be accompanied by an adult.

Welcome to Climbzone ‘XSite at Braehead’ a state of the art adventure for the whole family that will simply take your breath away. Scale the epic climbing wall, take the plunge on the fan drop or brave the Skypark, are you brave enough to take on all three?

Skypark – Don’t look down!

Presenting the Climbzone state of the art aerial adventure course, 60 meters long, 15 meters above the ground, including: zip slide, traverse wall, hanging logs, jigsaw, swinging rungs, swinging platforms, cargo net, Burma bridge, rope ladders.

Scale new heights.

Climbzone houses one of the largest freestanding climbing walls in the UK. 23 panels with over 70 climbing routes of varying difficulty, it will provide an adventure playground for all ages (7+) and thrill seekers who like a vertical challenge!
1 hour session consists of 2 out of the 3 activities, 1 ½ hour sessions consist of all 3 activities.

Brave the drop… if you dare.

Thrill seekers, why not experience our twin Powerfan descenders.

Take a deep breath, clip on and step off! Gravity will take care of the rest, accelerating your freefalling body towards the ground 15 metres below. Then just before you reach the ground you will be slowed for a gentle landing.

All the activities are run by the professional Climbzone team. Experienced instructors will look after your safety whilst you enjoy the thrills and excitement of Climbzone – probably the best indoor adventure park in the UK.

We do advise you to book in advance for all Climbzone activities, especially during holiday periods and at weekends.

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