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Covid 19 Centre Update

Keeping you safe and well during your visit.

Things have changed and they keep changing. Read how we’re keeping everyone who visits safe.

When visiting please follow the directional signage in place, wear a face covering, make use of the hand sanitising stations and remember to keep socially distant from others.

Our on-site team continue to work hard to ensure the centre remains a clean and safe place to visit. Please listen to security staff who are working to keep everyone safe.

Car parks

Our car parks remain open for customers to enjoy free parking.

What measures are in place?

Face coverings

Everyone that visits us, whether that’s to work or play, will need to wear a face covering. A face covering is something which safely covers the nose and mouth. Anyone not wearing one, could be refused entry to the centre or asked to leave. There are some exceptions, these being young children, people with disabilities or those with breathing difficulties. Members of the team will be on hand to support our visitors throughout their visit.

Social distancing

Social distancing will be essential and we have a range of additional safety measures inside. In terms of the in-centre experience, we’ll be asking people to follow a marked route and to keep apart at all times.


Our teams will be managing the number of visitors inside and we will have controls in place at entrance and exit points to help us do that effectively. Where necessary, we will have a queueing system outside to regulate footfall.

We would kindly ask that any customers wishing to visit our restaurants book in advance to avoid any queuing. If you do not have a reservation, please leave your contact details with the restaurant you wish to visit. The restaurant will contact you directly when your table is ready to ensure social distancing is adhered to at all times.

Hand sanitisation

We have hand sanitisation stands at key points throughout the centre for everyone to use. We ask that everyone makes use of these when entering the centre and regularly throughout their visit.

Marked routes

Once inside, we ask everyone to do their part and follow the official guidance and in-centre information displays carefully and follow the marked routes shown by our floor stickers and directional stands.

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and support as we serve our local communities in the way we know best.