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Family Egg-Site Easter Event

Egg-Siting Easter Event!

Looking for some family fun this Easter?





With the school Easter holidays nearly upon us, parents and caregivers alike will be wondering how to keep the kids entertained. Well, look no further than XSite Braehead.

XSite Braehead will be hosting an Easter event over the course of two weeks, with the weekends featuring a wheel of fortune for kids to spin for the chance to win some sweet prizes.

But there’s a twist. After spinning the wheel and landing on a coloured or patterned egg, the hunt begins to find the matching egg hidden somewhere around the centre.


Just grab an egg hunt form and let the Easter egg hunt begin.


There are 8 hidden eggs in total – find your own egg to win a chocolate treat, or for a real challenge, find all 8 for a bonus prize! Don’t worry – adults can help!

But that’s not all. Whilst the wheel won’t be available during the week, there are still activities to take part in, with a special area dedicated to Easter-themed colouring and face painting.

Our Easter event is the perfect place to have fun and make some memories. With plenty of sweet prizes to be won, I’m sure our Easter event will go down well with kids and adults alike.


The Easter event at XSite Braehead runs from the 8th – 17th of April, with the egg hunts taking place at the weekends of the 8th to 10th and 15th to 17th at 12-4pm.


The event itself is free of charge, but guests will be able to donate to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, an organization which prides itself in supporting children and their families dealing with an illness.


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