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ExpressTest Arrives at XSite

ExpressTest (a division of Cignpost Diagnostics Ltd) has opened its brand new Glasgow based park and test Covid-19 screening service at XSite’s Car Park.

Location: XSite Car Park (located close to Travelodge)

Cost: £80 per person for travel passengers

£99 per person for the test-only service

The new facility will be of particular use to members of the public who are symptomless and so do not qualify for NHS emergency testing, but require a green light to visit family members or fly abroad if permitted to do so.  Results will be emailed or texted to customers typically the next day.  Those who screen negative will be emailed a Fit to Fly certificate that is authorised by a Doctor, along with their test result.


ExpressTest is delivered using the latest gold standard PCR equipment that is fully CE-IVD certified and manufactured to the highest possible standards, and tests are carried out by trained Screening Practitioners.  Since its launch in November 2020 Express test has carried out over 172,000 gold standard PCR tests.